Surinam Demonstrations and Presentations

It has become clear that the Surinam Project has a level of complexity that can be daunting for people just getting started. These presentations are designed to walk you through the examples that come with the framework along with some of the concepts that might be of interest. The hope is that, in the easiest way possible, we can help you learn more about what the framework can do for you, and as a result, it might elevate your interest and help you make the decision to take the next step and download the distribution and commit the time to ramping up your Hyper-Dynamic Software skills.

All of these examples are part of the download as WAR files and should run fine in your favorite Servlet container (we test with Apache Tomcat).

Example 1:

This is one of the simplest possible examples to get you started. In fact, it doesn't really do much that a normal Java developer couldn't do. However, it introduces some key mechanisms of the framework like Software Contracts, Entry Points and Service Provider Implementations.
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Example 2:

This shows Services that call other Services and how you might give access to Service Implementations access to external resources without violating service isolation. This may be an important issue for people who want to embed Surinam Service Blocks inside other existing frameworks that provide system services and other resources.
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Example 3:

This is the most comprehensive example and is probably the application that most-closely resembles how people might use the framework. It leverages ActionDocuments to create and manage the Service Graph, performs runtime Graph Reshaping and a whole lot of smaller innovations.
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This presentation is all about the different types of references and how you can use static references to create Service Assemblies. There is also a discussion of custom proxies and how you would create and use them.
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Sam Provencher