Package com.codemonster.surinam.export.lifecycle

Interface Summary
InterceptorLifecycle This management interface is for routing interceptors so that they can participate in lifecycle callbacks.
LifecycleAware This management interface is for clients that wish to participate in lifecycle callbacks.
ManagedService This interface is to allow a service to accept requests from the framework to set its internal status flag.

Class Summary
ServiceAdapter User: Samuel Provencher Date: Jun 6, 2006 Time: 8:24:01 PM

This Adapter class is here simply to provide a convenient implementation for those who might only want to implement a subset of the lifecycle methods and safely ignore the others (the default implementations are used).

Additionally, this adapter will provide some housekeeping code for managing the impl's availability state.


Enum Summary
ServiceAvailability This is a type-safe way to specify the two possible states for a service.

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