Class EntryPointBlueprint

  extended by com.codemonster.surinam.core.model.BlueprintBase
      extended by com.codemonster.surinam.core.model.EntryPointBlueprint
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class EntryPointBlueprint
extends BlueprintBase

This is the standard Blueprint for all Entry Points. Note that Entry Points themselves can be unique, can be implemented by anyone and can even be a well-known interface such as 'javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet'.

This blueprint specifies a Entry Point to enable the registration of an interface that exists in the parent context of the loader hierarchy (above the Service Block).

Note the thing that discriminates this class from a service contract is that there is no classpath. This is because, for EntryPoints, all required classes must be visible from the parent context that creates and holds the Service Block.

Constructor Summary
EntryPointBlueprint(String deploymentRoot, String implementingClass, String description, String organization, String publicationDate)
          Full constructor for constructor injection.
Method Summary
 void setDefiningClass(String definingClass)
          This method is identical to the 'setImplementingClass()' method.
Methods inherited from class com.codemonster.surinam.core.model.BlueprintBase
getAuthor, getDeploymentRoot, getDescription, getImplementingClass, getOrganization, getPublicationDate, setAuthor, setDeploymentRoot, setDescription, setImplementingClass, setOrganization, setPublicationDate
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Constructor Detail


public EntryPointBlueprint()


public EntryPointBlueprint(String deploymentRoot,
                           String implementingClass,
                           String description,
                           String organization,
                           String publicationDate)
Full constructor for constructor injection.

implementingClass - The FQ class name.
description - Brief description of the entry point.
organization - The name of the organization of record for this component.
publicationDate - The date that the component was formally published.
Method Detail


public void setDefiningClass(String definingClass)
This method is identical to the 'setImplementingClass()' method. This little bit of syntactic sugar is here since it is less consistent but makes the intent of the code clearer to provide a defining class for an Entry Point as opposed to an implementation class.

definingClass - The fq name of the class to use to define the Entry Point.

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