Class AbstractEntryPointBlueprintFormatter

  extended by com.codemonster.surinam.core.formatter.AbstractEntryPointBlueprintFormatter
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public abstract class AbstractEntryPointBlueprintFormatter
extends Object
implements BlueprintFormatter

This is an abstract class that eases the creation of specific subclass families of Entry Point formatters. This will help make implementing specific formatters a bit easier by providing a core implementation for handling a blueprint map, handing off formatting calls for each of the blueprints with the implementation provided by the implementing class. Also, to give individual formatters the ability to control the header and footer sections of a format, we separate those parts into discrete methods.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  StringBuilder formatAll(Map<String,EntryPointBlueprint> map)
          This is the callback to format all entry point blueprints with a type-safe signature.
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formatBlueprint, formatFooter, formatHeader

Constructor Detail


public AbstractEntryPointBlueprintFormatter()
Method Detail


public abstract StringBuilder formatAll(Map<String,EntryPointBlueprint> map)
This is the callback to format all entry point blueprints with a type-safe signature.

map - The map of blueprints to format.
Returns a StringBuilder object with the formatted output.

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